Mini Alpine Nut Cake «da Nadal»

The Christmas speciality refined with finest cinnamon and vanilla. Made from the best natural ingredients – for a gourmet experience with real flavour.

Each of these sweet seductions weighs 19 grams and they are only 4 cm wide.
The Mini Alpine Nut Cakes “da Nadal” are ideal for:

– Seminars
– Kiosks
– as bedtime snacks for hotels and other accommodations
– for individual sale at checkout counters (impulse buying)

The Mini Alpine Nut Cakes “da Nadal” are available in the following packaging (each piece is individually wrapped):

– Individually
– Bag with 12 pcs.

We are happy to provide a dispenser if required. Only available during the Christmas season.

  • 100g contains approx.

    1 Portion = 19g

  • Energy 2060 kJ / 492 kcal to come
  • Fat 25.6g to come
  • of which saturated 9.46g to come
  • Carbohydrates 57.2g to come
  • of which sugar 29.4 g to come
  • Protein 7.4g to come
  • Salt 0.06g to come
  • Ingredients butter short-crusty pastry (51%): wheat flour, Swiss butter (19.5%), sugar, whole egg, water, hazelnuts, cinnamon (0.7%), raising agents (sodium carbonate, diphosphate, ammonium carbonate), vanillin sugar, salt, natural lemon flavour, vanilla pods.
    Ingredients caramel filing (49%): Walnuts (22%), full cream, sugar, Swiss bee honey, glucose syrup.