Graubünden’s Distinctive Trademark – The Alpine Nut Cake

For approximately two years we have been planning our new project “La Conditoria, SEDRUN-SWITZERLAND”.  In autumn 2014 was our great launch!

The Mini Alpine Nut Cake was launched in the restaurant “Galerie des Alpes” in the Federal Building of Switzerland in Bern and were offered for tasting to the federal parliamentarians.

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We will continue to be “On Tour” with our Mini Alpine Nut Cake and will regularly report back from the greatest places we toured.

The Alpine Nut Cake

One of the most well known exports from Graubunden, if we do not count the ibex and Heidi, is without a shadow of a doubt, the Alpine Nut Cake. The confectioners from Graubünden have enjoyed reputable renown around the world for many decades.

In the 19th century, scores of families from Graubünden had to emigrate. At that time there were also many confectioners among them. They were already particularly well known. They emigrated to Sicily, Venice, even St. Petersburg. Once established there, they reached a well-deserved cult status thanks to their artistic flair for creating sweet temptations.

A few years ago, a journey of discovery began to find out who the true inventors of the Alpine Nut Cake were. Does the Alpine Nut Cake actually come from Graubünden or did it in fact originate in Alsace?

That is old news! Because now we are no longer questioning where it came from, instead we are asking who is making  the smallest Alpine Nut Cake in the world.

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