About Us

Where it all began…


In 1965, at the age of 18, Marcel Schmid set up a small bakery with a shop in Sedrun. Schmid’s philosophy has always been: “Quality before quantity”. At that time, he employed a baker and a shop assistant.

Thanks to several good years of business and of course his own hard work, the industrious 22-year old was able to extend his operation. He built the main business premises, which still stand today, with a shop and a small cafe that could seat approximately 50 people – Marcel Schmid had fulfilled his dream.

A few years later he had the great fortune of being able to rely on his wife Adelina’s assistance. She managed the business on the sales front, while Marcel Schmid concentrated on the production.

The demand for Marcel Schmid’s delicious specialities had grown steadily. So much so that in 1978, the Schmid geschichte-marcelcouple saw through the construction of a new production facility in order to maintain their top quality through a much more targeted process.

They were already producing the finest Bündner specialities in the early years of business, such as the Alpine Nut Cake, the Alpine Pear Bread and the traditional Tavetscherbrot that has been produced according to the same recipe since 1965. And we mustn’t forget that in 2010, they won the gold medal at the Swiss Bakery Trophy.

Social values have always taken pride of place in the Schmid family. Because of their special efforts to integrate socially disadvantaged people in the bakery’s everyday work, the business was awarded the Pro Infirmis Chrystal.

The second generation

On the 1st of November 2004, the business was passed on to the second generation. The son, Reto Schmid, is a self-taught specialist in the running of a bakery and the production of pastry and confectionery. As well as completing a vocational apprenticeship, he also trained in the commercial sector. Later he successfully graduated from the SIU corporate training course. The sole proprietorship of Marcel Schmid was then transformed into a company, which is now owned by Reto Schmid. The headquarters of this autonomous and independent company is still in the mountains of Graubünden at the source of the Rhine, in Sedrun.

The ideal management structure that the business enjoys today thrives from the active assistance of the first generation combined with the management of the shop and café by life partner, Anna Curschellas.

Reto Schmid’s values

Reto Schmid focuses on the development of the speciality line with great passion and enthusiasm. He also created a fruit jam line in addition to the famous Graubünden specialities. But he did not stop at the fruit spreads, Reto Schmid also launched the “Schmidella” line, a tasty chocolate spread.

The quality competition was particularly important to Reto Schmid because he wanted to compare his specialities with other products and have them reviewed by an expert jury. His specialities did indeed succeed in the quality comparison and are among the top ranked products from the canton of Graubünden.

That is how the business won the official title of “Swiss Bakery Trophy Graubünden Champion 2012” at the Swiss Bakery Trophy 2012. Reto Schmid and his team are especially proud to be marked out as the best bakery in the canton.

The promotion of young talent is also important. Because of his commitment to this cause, Reto Schmid was honoured 2nd place at the Swiss Trainer of the Year awards 2014.

Now we are witness to the crowning glory of his awards to date. Reto Schmid has won the «Bäckerkrone 2015» with his newly created food label «La Conditoria SEDRUN-SWITZERLAND®». This honour is awarded to bakers who demonstrate a wealth of ideas, innovation, professionalism and social responsibility. The «Bäckerkrone» is awarded by the Swiss Bakers Confiseurmeister Association (SBC) and by the Swiss Yeast Association (SHV).

Quality before quantity


The company’s motto was already followed by its founder, Marcel Schmid. We have maintained the traditional methods and the use of high quality raw materials. This gives our products their own distinctive flavour.

Nevertheless, over the years, we have refined the traditional manufacturing processes with the use of cutting-edge technologies and expert knowledge. These are the steps we take for ensuring that even in the future we will deliver top quality products and meet the needs and demands of our customers. We are and gladly remain a niche manufacturer – flexible and always close to the market.

The speciality label

SBündner Mini Nusstörtli einzel (2)o that our products always meet the new demands of the market, we continuously analyse the life cycle of our specialities and consequently are able to la
unch new creations.

In the autumn of 2014, we launched the new food label “La Conditoria SEDRUN-SWITZERLAND®”. We supply our specialities, among other things, to retailers and distributors under this new line. The “probably the smallest Alpine Nut Cake in the world” in Alpine Nut Cake portions is the leading product in this line. The quality of the products has always been the top priority in this segment.
The preparation of our specialities is a process that is very close to our hearts. We still produce them at 1405 metres above sea level in Sedrun. Through our business, we are contributing to the preservation and creation of jobs in our mountain region.